Monday 16.12

Chicken schnitzel with roasted potatoes, tartar sauce and salad


French goat cheese toast salad with grilled vegetables and pecan nuts

Tuesday 17.12

Organic beef lasagna with fresh tomato & rucola salad and black olive pesto


Eggplant Parmigiana with a side tomato & bufala mozzarella bruschetta

Wednesday 18.12

Christmas style braised pork with root vegetable and mustard sauce


Mushrooms risotto with Scamorza cheese

Thursday 19.12

Crispy fried salmon with new potatoes, dill, broccolinis and horseradish kermaviili


Penne alla Norma

(eggplant, ricotta and spicy tomato sauce)

Friday 20.12

Grilled beef burger with Savora mayonnaise, grilled tomato, red cabbage coleslaw and halloumi cheese


Vegetarian burger with sweet potato steak, halloumi cheese and kurkuma mayo

Both served with roasted potatoes.

Lounas 11:00-14:30

12,50€ sis. kahvin ja teen