Maanantai 22.7

Chicken schnitzel with roasted potato salad and tartar sauce


Roasted goat cheese salad, olives and tomato

Tiistai 23.7

Classic organic beef lasagna with fresh tomato salsa and black olive pesto


Penne alla norma with eggplant, ricotta and spicy tomato sauce

Keskiviikko 24.7

Grilled organic kassler with new potatoes, coleslaw and chimichurri sauce


Risotto with asparagus, walnuts and truffle vinaigrette

Torstai 25.7

Kevin’s teriyaki salmon with kimchi vegetable and rice


Bimbim bap with fried egg and sriracha mayo

Perjantai 26.7

Organic beef burger with cheddar cheese, Dijon mayo and pickled red cabbage


Burger with shiitake omelette, pickled red cabbage salad, truffle mayo and cheddar cheese

Both served with potato wedges.

Lounas 11:00-14:30

12,50€ sis. kahvin ja teen