Maanantai 20.5

Chicken schnitzel with new potatoes, tartar sauce and


Avocado pasta with fresh chili and lemon marinated cherry tomatoes

Tiistai 21.5

Organic beef lasagna with fresh tomato/basil salad and pesto


Lasagna primavera with a spinach base and topped with brocolinis, asparagus and French beens

Keskiviikko 22.5

Half of a French whole spring chicken
grilled with chimichurri sauce, sweet potato wedges and cilantro green salad
Eggplant Parmigiana
Torstai 23.5

Crispy fried salmon with wild black rice, apple/fennel salad and estragon sauce


Sweet potato chickpeas poplette with wild rice and spicy tomato salsa

Perjantai 24.5

Grilled beef burger with chili mayo, cilantro- mint coleslaw and cheddar cheese


Goat cheese vegetarian burger with grilled eggplant, tomato and tapenade

Both served with roasted potatoes.

Lounas 11:00-14:30

12,50€ sis. kahvin ja teen