Monday 21.1

Schnitzel with patatas bravas and green salad


Risotto with roasted beets, walnuts and truffle vinaigrette

Tuesday 22.1

Classic beef lasagna made from local and organic beef with lemon basil vinaigrette and rocket
Smashed pumpkin and spinach lasagna with taleggio béchamel

Gluten free option: smoked salmon salad with marinated potato and horseradish cream

Wednesday 23.1

Chicken meat balls in spicy lemon grass and coconut broth with wild rice


Scamorza arancini with Sicilian caponata and side salad

Thursday 24.1

Roasted salmon with brown butter, mashed potato, deep fried cauliflower and beurre blanc sauce


Mushroom tart with endives, green apple and gorgonzola salad

Friday 25.1

Grilled beef burger with home made kimchi and cheddar cheese


Burger with goat cheese, zucchini and mint frittata with lemon mayo

Lunch 11:00-14:30

12,50€ incl. coffee and tea